Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to make Socks!

A couple of posts ago I explained how to make slippers. A well received gift! Well I'm about to show you another great gift that I made especially to fit. And you will soon see why.

These particular socks are of the slipper variety - mostly because of the wool that I chose! I used a DK BONUS acrylic type wool. (Still on the acrylic!...)
This recipient happen to be my dad, and for a very special reason - I crocheted him a pair of slipper socks!

This is the video tutorial I followed. What I like to do with most tutorials is to attach my own ideas to the design, and with crochet being so flexible I am able to do that. To make it more of a slipper I stopped at the ankle and removed the sock element to my design. This particular garment was made up of mostly Single Crochet stitches so is really simple.

The issue that anyone should be aware of when using this video, is to adapt the number of stitches and rows according to the size of your wool. Probably basic common sense. Ha.

So what was special about this gift was the alterations I had to make for the perfect fit for my dad's odd sized feet. Due to an accident at work, my dad has an amputated left foot.

The amazing part is obviously the success, but also the appreciation for the effort,  and my dad loved and still loves wearing them! 

So much so... I can feel another request coming my way!

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